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4 Common Myths Relating to the Keto Diet
So many diets exist online or on hard copies nowadays that it is hard not to take notice, especially if you are one of many millions of individuals looking for a quick fix to lose weight and fat. Reviews abound for each diet but it is impossible to know whether they are real, fabricated, sponsored or marketed. The Keto Diet has also enjoyed its share of the weight loss boom as it involves a scientific process which induces the body into a state of ketosis, which is ideal for weight and fat loss and can also promote good health and well-being.

No matter how successful a diet promises to be it would be inconceivable to imagine that any of them would be straightforward or a walk in the park, especially if they would be your first attempt. Diets claiming that no effort or sacrifice is required are already playing on deceiving you and swindling you out of your money. A diet is a lifestyle change and will affect your daily routine and likely those around you so be aware of what’s in store.

Let’s have a look at some common myths about the Keto Diet...
1.  The Keto Diet is Easy
Before even tackling this statement let’s remind you that the Keto Diet involves consuming 80-90% of your calories from fat and almost rejecting carbs and sugar altogether. If you have managed to avoid these 2 popular choices from your diet throughout your lifetime you will know that this is anything but simple and requires an incredible amount of resolve and sacrifice. The majority of people in our Western culture are addicted to carbs and sugar so it would be wrong and a big mistake to call the Keto Diet easy!
2. Fast Results Are Guaranteed
Even without “fast” it would be immoral for anyone to advertise the Keto Diet as guaranteed as this involves the perception of the consumer. Weight loss cannot be guaranteed to work the same way with everyone as there are many factors to consider, such as body type, genetics, underlying health issues and commitment. Not everyone adapts to or follows the diet religiously so results will change. No diet can promise immediate results and it will take around 2 months to start to see tangible returns in the case of the Keto Diet so you need to be patient and expect to follow the course right through to the end and beyond. Reaching your goals and then reverting back to your old lifestyle is counter beneficial.
3. The Keto Diet Poses Some Dangers
When followed correctly the Keto Diet is far from dangerous and can only assist in improving overall health. You need to be aware of the healthy fats you should consume by following the ingredients carefully. The majority of fats contain the monounsaturated version, which is bad so aim for polyunsaturated instead. Some of the health benefits associated with the Keto Diet include a decrease in bad cholesterol levels, a healthy heart and stabilization of sugar levels.
4. What is Ketoacidosis and Can I Get This?
Ketoacidosis is when your ketone levels are too high and this is usually associated with Type One Diabetes. You can easily track your ketone levels by purchasing urine strips from your local pharmacy. This condition is quite rare but it is a good idea to monitor your ketone levels and refer to your physician if they are too high. Complex carbohydrate supplements should be able to stabilize ketone levels so there is no need to panic but every health anomaly should always be followed through.
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