Baby Sleep Miracle
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Baby Sleep Miracle
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This product is a heavenly gift for the majority of parents who have just embarked on their voyage of parenthood. It is unfortunate but true that most babies and toddlers do not have peaceful nights and this, in turn, means that you will also be compelled to wake up throughout the night and the following day could prove to be disastrous in terms of stress, anxiety and fatigue. The creator of Baby Sleep Miracle is a clinical psychologist and mother called Mary-Ann Schuler, so she has first-hand experience with bringing up children and how to help deal with sleep issues. Click here for full details

Amazingly, Mary-Ann explains how normal sleep techniques, such as rocking or nursing, can actually disturb sleeping patterns and swings can be a health hazard with the sheer number of injuries caused every year. She goes on to provide her expertise and guidance on fun ways to put your child to sleep, such as laughing and creating a noisy environment! Pacifiers and Ferberizing (allowing your child to cry uncontrollably) have also been proven to be detrimental to the Child's overall well being.
General Features
Baby Sleep Miracle is basically an eBook which contains many scientific and proven methods to help your children sleep and the good news is that there are 9 age groups included, so tips would vary depending on the child's age. In the past it was believed that trying to get a baby to sleep was a universal tool and no child would be immune from it's promised potential. Little did they know that children would evolve into social dilemmas and wreak havoc with parenthood and marriage!

The guide details 7 steps to follow to have any baby snoozing in no time, no matter now cranky or hyper they are. It also explains how to release built-up anxiety shortly before bedtime in just 5 minutes. There is some very useful advice from the California Institute of Technology which will affect your child's hormones and induce a state of drowsiness.

Apart from the steady guidelines provided above Mary-Ann throws 3 free bonuses into the mix, which include:

  1. Night Terror Stopper - this eBook takes you through ways on comforting and pacifying your baby so that they do not have bad dreams or even nightmares.

  2. Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle - in the US alone there has been a surge in twin births by 76% since 1980 so this eBook takes you through the rhythm of putting your twins or siblings to bed at the same time, which is never an easy feat.

  3. Miracle Sounds - a CD which induces an aura of sleepiness for any child as it is soothing and relaxing.
The Pros and Cons of Baby Sleep Miracle
  • Works on 9 age groups and is suitable for all babies and toddlers

  • Provides scientifically proven techniques from top clinics and Universities

  • Does not take long to master and apply

  • Product is available immediately since it is a digital download

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Warns against common trends which actually harm the welfare of your children
  • Does not work for every child although persistence is key

  • Can take time to lose the normal habits from your own childhood
Conventional sleeping techniques have been pulverized based on Mary-Ann's own research and scientific backing with this product. It is a breath of fresh air to finally come across something which is new and effective and does not take a long time to apply. You might think twice about purchasing Baby Sleep Miracle if you are not having any issues with your own child but it is always good to have a backup just in case.
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