Brain Training For Dogs
- Honest Review
Brain Training For Dogs
- Pros and Cons 
Most pet owners seem to forget that dogs have brains which function almost identically as the human equivalent. Brains need to be trained and coerced into behavioral techniques which will help define the characteristics of that person or animal.

There are so many dog training programs promising the moon and beyond, the vast majority of them are not cheap and require monthly installments. Certified dog professionals charge an arm and a leg for their services and you can expect to pay an hourly rate every time you or they visit.

One highly-renowned dog specialist named Adrienne Farricelli, who's also CPDT-KA certified is able to tap into the dog’s brain power and train them to do almost anything you want. There is practically nothing she can't teach your dog so it’s worth taking a look!  Click here for full details!
Brain Training For Dogs - Why Should I Believe it Will Work?
After a lot of time and investment wasted in trying to train your dog with nothing to show for it, you might be right in ignoring any fancy promises made by dog lovers, professionals, and gurus no matter who they are! The creator of Brain Training For Dogs seems to be a down-to-earth person with a mortal personality. There is no fluff, pomp or endless testimonials spamming her website. She appears genuine and that is a step in the right direction.

When you also read that she has trained military dogs and helped countless individuals interact in harmony with their pets then you know this is for real. The most important aspect for me is the way in which she explains and shows what to do and when to do it in layman’s terms.
General Features
Adrienne allows you access to tonnes of very useful information, guidance and interaction so as to give you the best chance of reaching your goals. The most common issues dog owners have are all covered and include... unexplained aggression, constant barking, littering inside the house, disobedience for simple commands and training puppies. Having said that, there are so many more scenarios covered, it would be difficult to imagine that your needs are not included. If they happen to be then Adrienne will offer you free personal advice once you have signed up.

Here is what to expect from braintraining4dogs:
  1.  Module 1 - Preschool
  2.  Module 2 - Elementary School
  3.  Module 3 - High School
  4.  Module 4 - College
  5.  Module 5 - University
  6.  Module 6 - Graduation
  7.  Module 7 - Einstein
  8.  7 Trick Training Videos
  9.  Obedience
  10.  101 Training
  11.  Polishing Up Training
  12.  Adrienne’s Archive
As you can see Adrienne makes a connection between your dog’s brain and the human brain’s evolution through schooling. With the proper education your dog’s behavior will improve considerably.
The Pros and Cons of Brain Training For Dogs
  • Instructional videos and guides to help you understand with ease

  • Countless behavioral issues covered in depth

  • Personal assistance when required

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • One payment and a lifetime’s access to material, including a forum to share your experiences and concerns

  • Exclusive bonus in the form of an eBook entitled Behavior Training for Dogs

  • You need to invest time in learning and applying techniques

  • Patience is a requirement for any training so do not expect miracles in a short timeframe
We found this training to be well thought out and organized in a way that's easy to follow. The videos are well done and very helpful in showing exactly how to implement the training for results. We also reached out to support with a few questions and found them to be responsive and eager to help.

There is a lot of great information in this training covering a range of issues you might have with your dog but you will need to have the time & patience to follow and implement what is being taught.  
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