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Can the Keto Diet Really Make You Lean?
If you think about the Keto Diet and what it stands for it might be difficult to imagine how following it through to the end can actually help you to lose fat. For those of you with little or no experience with this Diet, the mantra is consume most calories from fat! Surprising as it might sound it is good to point out that the fat should be derived from natural products. Another key component of the Keto Diet is that you would need to drastically reduce your intake of carbs, which is easier said than done!

Throughout your lifetime you have been exposed to consuming carbs on a daily basis and the majority of your calories would have most likely come from carbs. Years of feeding your body with carbs has made it dependent and you will find that this addiction needs to be fueled in order to satisfy your cravings. Just like any other addiction you will have highs and lows when you slowly start to decrease your carb levels. Your cravings for sugar will heighten and it will be a mission to resist the urge and wander off from the path of completion.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways your body can convert to ketosis and start seeing results in your quest for weight loss:
1.  Increase Fat and Decrease Carbs and Sugar
The first week of the Keto Diet is crucial to ultimate success as you will be testing your body to the extreme. You will need to follow strict dietary protocols and stick to the natural high-fat foods mentioned earlier. During this phase sugar and carbs should be eliminated in their entirety. This is no easy feat and requires an abundance of willpower and you will experience regression as your body tries to adapt. Even the slightest deviation from the Diet will hijack any progress so tread carefully.

After the week you can expect to see weight loss of up to 10 pounds, although a great portion of that will be water but you will also experience some fat loss along the way. It is important to drink plenty of water at this time. The toughest part of the Keto Diet is now over and your body is already starting to reap the rewards.
2. Fasting as an Alternative to the Keto Diet
Although not recommended within the Keto Diet itself, intermittent fasting can also help you to reach a state of ketosis. The longer you fast the more ketones your body produces but we always suggest that you start working your way up to 16 hours by incrementing fasting intervals starting from 6-8 hours and work your way up. Fasting for a full day can also help but we understand that this can be very hard for many people. During this time you will limit your intake to liquids, such as smoothies, juice or soups. Again water is vital as you would need to flush out any toxins released by the body during this time. Detoxification is, in fact, obtained through fasting, as well as via other means.
3. Eat Plenty of Small Meals Every Day
Many fitness coaches will recommend eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day. The reasoning is that you will not crave food in between larger meals but will divide your total caloric intake accordingly. However, another benefit of consuming smaller portions is that you can also reach ketosis by adopting this method. Again the food choices for this option should be minimal or no carbs, natural fat and protein.
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