Children Learning Reading
- Honest Review
Children Learning Reading
- Pros and Cons 
According to the creator of this learning program kids are taught how to read the wrong way at school. The model used nowadays appears to focus on sight words which are some of the most common words used in English. From a young age children are expected to memorize up to 3,000 words in a short space of time making it difficult for them to associate or remember. This then leads to guesswork and inevitably to incorrect pronunciation.

By applying some simple strategies and investing just 15 minutes per day for 12 weeks your child will be reading in no time. There is no limit on the age of the child when starting the course but it is recommended that they are at least 2 years old. There are 2 programs to consider... the Standard package or the Premium package. Click here for the full details!
Children Learning Reading - Can My Child Catch Up at School?
This is a common scenario for many parents. Their child is lagging behind in his reading skills and the schoolteacher reaches out to the parents in dismay and with a dire warning. Their child will never catch up at this rate and drastic action is required. The gut reaction for most parents would be to hire a private tutor to visit the child at home. Needless to say this course of action will break the bank and there is no guarantee that it will work.

Another alternative would be to try out Children Learning Reading, a 2 part course covering 50 lessons with just 15 minutes daily. There is a one-time fee and you will immediately gain access to a digital download so that you can start applying the teaching techniques.
General Features
The 2 prodded approach to teaching your child is the most important aspect of the whole program. Stage 1 contains 28 lessons whilst Stage 2 consists of 22. The first stage focuses on the use of phonetics and the second on digraphs which basically teaches how to dissect the phonetic sounds in simple words.

Children are renowned for their very short attention span which is why each lesson only lasts 15 minutes. This also means less time for you since you are the teacher and mentor. Another advantage of this program is that it enables you to bond with your children and they will see you in a different light since you would have been instrumental in their success.

Let’s take a look at the 2 packages.
  1. Stage 1 - 28 lessons
  2. Stage 2 - 22 lessons
  3. Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips
  4. The Most Common Sight Words
  5. Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  6. Children Learning Numbers and Math Workbook
  7. Free Lifetime Updates
  8. Free One-on-One Counseling for 12 weeks
  1. Everything included in Standard Package
  2. Children Lesson Videos and Workshop
  3. Children Learning Reading Video Edition
  4. Pre-set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons
  5. Stage 2 Rhymes
The Pros and Cons of Children Learning Reading
  • Very short and effective lessons

  • Personal counseling for 12 weeks should you be having difficulties progressing

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Turning the tables on mainstream education

  • Precious quality time with kids

  • Interactive sessions
  • Creator is anonymous although we do know he is married and has 3 children

  • Some material is only available in the Premium package
A lot of information might seem like a good thing when you are purchasing something educational but you need to have the time and patience if you want to succeed at improving your childs education.

One step at a time is how you learned to walk so remember this once you have committed to the cause. It will take a little perseverance and sacrifice on your part but in the end you will be amazed by the results.
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