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Coping With the Keto Diet
When your body is in a state of ketosis, you are likely to suffer from a range of symptoms which are commonly referred to as the Keto Flu. Your body is simply reacting to a sharp decrease or complete rejection of carbs. The popular and effective Keto Diet revolves around increasing fat and protein levels but minimizing or rejecting carbs altogether. This comes as a shock to the body, especially if you have been used to digesting carbs for the best part of your life.

During any diet you will be imposing strict conditions on what can and cannot enter your digestive system. Since your body becomes accustomed to your normal eating regime any sudden changes will have a ripple effect and you will find yourself under the weather for a few days, especially if you deplete your carb intake. Most diets would normally include carbs and might suggest lowering this to around 25% of your total caloric intake but the Keto Diet has revolutionized the way we perceive carbs.
Common Side-Effects During the Keto Diet
Carbs and sugar are highly addictive to the vast majority of our global population. Unfortunately, processed and refined foods have overtaken natural foodstuffs in our kitchens and it is simply unthinkable to NOT eat something unhealthy in today’s modern cuisine. The list of ingredients in most processed products is never-ending and it is seldom very difficult to recognize the warning signs of what it is that you are actually consuming.

Taking a break from all the bad stuff can be tough and certainly demanding on your body and you can expect to suffer from some or all of the symptoms shown below:
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Issues with focusing or concentrating
  • Body aches
  • Sugar cravings
  • Stomach problems

Luckily, these nasty side-effects will start to wean off within 1-2 weeks after starting the Keto Diet as your body starts to familiarize itself with the food intake and function efficiently. During this stage it is important to stick it out and not bow to the initial pressure as all your sacrifice would have been in vain. From a gradual regression you will find that you will greatly benefit from the advantages of a Keto Diet but it does mean some inconvenience along the way.
Best Approach to Starting the Keto Diet
As mentioned earlier it is best to gradually prepare your body for what to expect during the Keto Diet. You can do this by slowly decreasing your carb intake until you have reached the full requirements of the Diet itself. Do not make the mistake of suddenly consuming large amounts of carb to eradicating them altogether. Hydration is another key factor to consider as water is essential for overall health and will also allow you to fulfill satiety, tricking your brain into believing that you are full.

Sugar cravings may be the worst symptom to suppress, especially if you are inclined towards sweets, chocolate or cakes. You need to find healthy alternatives, such as nuts or snacks so stock your kitchen well before starting the Keto Diet. It takes planning, preparation and resolve to pursue this journey. Remove pasta, pizza or bread from sight as it easy to be tempted if you set your eyes on them. Avoid these choices if you decide to eat out and stick to the food sources recommended.

You may also want to consider supplements, such as magnesium, potassium and electrolytes and start or continue physical training. This will help to improve your general state of mind and will get your blood and oxygen flowing.
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