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Dog Training Schools
Dog training is a fun experience for your dog. They will learn how to interact with other dogs and learn the basic rules of obedience. Although sometimes expensive, as long as you are seeing constant improvements along the way, it would make sense to get some help from professionals who have spent a lifetime doing what they know best. The main reason why dog owners send their dogs to training schools is because they don’t have the time to train them at home. Creating a special bond between your new puppy or dog and yourself is of paramount importance, to both parties, so everyone will be a winner at the end.
Watching Your Puppy Progress
There is nothing more rewarding than watching your puppy climb the ranks of obedience and come home to be praised for its efforts, through cuddles, treats and quality time. Even if you cannot afford to spend hours with your puppy, whatever you can manage is good enough to strengthen the bond. Your puppy knows when you are proud and satisfied with its behavior and knows how to work their way to justifying a treat.

Every time your puppy returns home with a new trick up its sleeve you can be sure it will expect you to reward it accordingly. They will likely want to show off their newly acquired skill and have you amazed by their intelligence.

Although waiting at home for your puppy to return is normally the case for owners who have a tight work schedule, accompanying your puppy to dog training school will reap its dividends as well. Watching your puppy running free with other dogs and mastering the tricks of obedience is a deeply satisfying experience and one not to take for granted.
Puppies and Their Abundant Sources of Energy
Puppies are renowned for their infinite sources of energy. I sometimes compare them with batteries, and not the cheap kind, the ones that go on and on and on! Finding their off switch is not an option as they appear to be stuck in Play mode. The only way to deal with so much energy is to train them to start responding to simple commands, such as “Sit” or “Stay” and hope that these work to stop them running all over the house. Even at this young age puppies have to learn their place in the household. They have to understand that only the owner can decide when they can eat, when they can go out, jump on the bed, stop barking or growling, play and many other everyday chores and actions.

Dog training schools are a great way of allowing puppies to socialize with other dogs and to put their energy to good use. When it is time for the puppy to start learning the basics of obedience you will find that it will be easier to control them. The power of rewarding your puppy cannot be underestimated as treats are a puppy’s best friend (after you!)
Mutual Respect During Training
You will notice a great difference if you can afford some time to accompany your puppy during training school. During the training itself you will notice that your puppy’s focus will be mainly attributed to your presence. Physical interaction is equivalent to bonding so these are precious moments to cherish.

If you have other dogs at home who have not been school trained you will notice a distinct difference in their behavior. Your educated puppy will push and shove for your attention and will go through great lengths to obtain your blessing. This is the culmination of a dream for your puppy and yourself!
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