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House Training Your Dog
One of the most irritating habits of dogs inside the house is soiling, especially in areas where they would cause most damage. Sofas, beds and carpets are the most likely targets but you need to start asking yourself why your dog behaves like this in the first place. Puppies need to be house trained before they can be blamed for using every possible angle of your house as a public toilet. Like humans, dogs also have characters and instincts so you need to hone in on making them aware what is right and what is wrong. You also need to dedicate some time to taking them out as it would not be fair to expect them to hold onto their bladder for too long!
Where To Train Your Dog
It is best to choose a small confined space within your house, or outside, to be able to train your dog properly. This will provide your dog and yourself with a place to interact and bond and will also allow your dog to become acquainted with the room and everything inside it. Some ideas include the bathroom, garage or kitchen but you will have to decide which rooms you do not want your dog to visit. Some dog owners regard the kitchen, for example, as a place of hygiene so would not want their pet wandering inside.

The small size of the training room will ensure that your dog will not spend too much time exploring and you can be assured of their undivided attention during training. It is here that you would familiarize your pet with the litter, bed or food so that they will know where they need to stay. The bed and litter can be moved to other areas of the house depending on your choice but your dog needs to know what they are used for. It might take some time (and convincing) to have the dog focused on the task so make sure to have some treats handy. Only when they make progress or obey your commands should you award them a treat. Otherwise they will gain the upper hand.
Toilet Area
Apart from the sleeping area your dog needs to know where it can go to relieve itself and also where it should eat. If you have the luxury of a garden or outdoor space with soil or sand it should not be a problem for your dog to recognize its use. However you should not take anything for granted and continue to pursue the designated area for a few weeks to make sure they have fully understood. Remember that access to this area should be free at all times and you will likely need an indoor litter just in case the weather is unfavorable.

Another important aspect to consider is the time you feed your dog as this will determine what time they have to use the toilet. Stick to the same feeding time if you want to keep a rhythm and this will help you understand if something is amiss or not normal.
Progressing to Other Areas
Once your dog has established its boundaries and is fully conscious of its toilet duties you can start to expand the territory, allowing your dog that extra bit of freedom to explore. It would be unwise to think about progressing to this level unless you are certain that your dog is fully trained as mistakes will happen.

It would make sense to stick to the same food choices and the space between the feeding area and toilet should be short enough for your dog to visit. In case of an emergency, distances can become a hazard and your dog may not be able to resist the urge to soil areas in between.
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