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Teaching Your Kids To Read
There is nothing more rewarding as a parent than to provide the necessary tools to extract the reading skills from your children. This should take place when your kids are still very young (around 2 years old) so that they start using sounds and vocabulary which will help them to master the correct pronunciation and association with objects or animals. There are many kids magazines which are specifically designed to engage young children in a fun way and the use of bright images and large, bold lettering is used. It would also be a good idea to introduce your kids to online material which incorporates both animation and audio, as this will enhance focus and attention.
Animal Awareness
Kids are curious by nature and will want to wander off and explore areas of the house they are not acquainted with. If you own a pet you can be sure that your child will spend hours trying to get close and grab the poor animal. Children are unaware of the fragility of pets and likely associate them with cuddly toys they can throw about. However animals are an important part of a child’s development, especially when it comes to speaking and reading. The sounds animals make are unique for every species and this enlightens and challenges the child’s mind by coupling the barks, meows, growls and whining with the correct animal. When reading a book or magazine the child would then recognize the animal they have encountered in person and find it easier to utter the name and maybe even the sound connected to it. There is plenty of quality material out there including online tools to help your kids master reading and enjoy themselves at the same time. They shouldn’t have to feel that they are doing this for any other purpose but for their own entertainment.
Good Reading Material
One of the best magazines in circulation for children of all ages is Zoo books. Even if your kid is a few months old and up to 12 years old, there are different topics to engage in. It would be a good idea to take your children to an actual Zoo before introducing them to images and sounds so that they can associate their live memories with pictures. You have to be wary of showing too much animation online as this will instill a dependency for TV, laptops and/or other devices. It is enough too many kids are already hooked on their mobile phones or tablets and this is mainly because parents want to spend some time in peace and think that by allowing their kids to play games they will be occupied and happy.
Advantages of Physical Magazines
Because so many things are now available in digital format physical magazines are on the decrease. I mean why bother buying written material when you can have it available online? You will likely throw away the physical magazine after a few days or weeks anyway once it has been read.

There is one good reason for having a magazine in your house though. Once your child has read through the pages they will never be bored in going through them over and over again, pointing to the animal or object and trying to mutter some sound. Hopefully, after a few blundered attempts, they will be able to come very close or even match the picture with the correct word.

Once your child has turned their attention to something else you can still cut out the images and use them for other purposes, for example on a scrapbook. You could also teach your child to stick the pictures themselves, using some normal harmless glue such as a UHU stick. What’s better you can only allow your child to do this once they have pronounced the word correctly. The glueing part will be the just reward for your child’s accomplishment!
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