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Ultimate Small Shop
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Ralph Chapman is a veteran in the woodworking industry and has been providing his service and expertise for over 25 years. His personal negative experience, in 2008, where he was forced to leave his house and large workshop and move into a smaller one with limited space has taught him how to cope and react. He spent the first 6 months in the new house trying to sort out his new workshop and during the process was unable to practice what he loves doing.

Ralph identified 2 main issues that his woodworking students shared with him. The first was the cost of the tools and the second was to optimize the limited spaces available to design and build a fully-functional workshop. Click here for the full details!
Ultimate Small Shop - What Benefits Can I Expect to See With This Program?
There are usually 2 extremes when it comes to purchasing tools for your woodworking trade. One extreme is to opt for the most expensive tools, thinking that they are the best quality and will last you decades. The other extreme is buying the cheapest tools, hoping that they will last as long as possible and get the job done.

Unfortunately neither option works the way we expect them to even though logic would dispute this theory altogether. Costly tools do not always deliver in terms of service and longevity and cheap tools could easily snap in half or not do what they claim to be able to do no matter how hard you try.

The end result is that you will probably have to replace or dispose of the new tools you have invested in within a very short timeframe. Ultimate small shop will point you towards the right direction in tool selection and also save you a fortune.

The other benefit of this program is the setting up of a workshop in limited surface areas, again counting on huge savings. In fact Ralph says it is possible to build a workshop and equip it with tools for around $1,000!
General Features
Let’s get straight to the point and check out what the package consists of. Here’s what to expect with Ultimate small shop:
  1.  Module 1 - Tool Selection 
  2.  Module 2 - Space Selection
  3.  Module 3 - Shop Layouts
  4.  Module 4 - Electricity, Lighting and Sound Proofing
  5.  Module 5 - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust
  6.  Module 6 - Safety & More
  7.  Bonus 1 - The Workshop Cheat List
  8.  Bonus 2 - Deal Alert Service
In short Ralph will explain how to source the best offers online or at stores throughout the US and will send you any updates so you will be one of the first to benefit. He also advises to avoid websites such as eBay or Amazon and also the main department stores.
The Pros and Cons of Ultimate Small Shop
  • Potentially huge savings on tools and building material

  • Optimization of working space

  • Easy to follow instructions and blueprints

  • Digital media upon purchase so available immediately

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Immediate notification of special deals available online or at stores around the US
  • You need to have some practical experience with woodworking

  • Some tools and materials, as well as special offers not valid outside of the US
If you are one of many disillusioned woodworkers or individuals who has invested thousands of dollars in tools and not derived the full (or partial) benefits then it is time to try something radical and affordable.

You will be surprised at the choices and cost of tools and material and this will ensure that you do not overspend or end up with a lifetime supply of something you only needed for one project.

Remember that you are always covered by the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so, if you notice that this program does not apply to your skillset or ambitions you can easily request a full refund.
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