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Vert Shock
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If you have ever dreamt of dunking a basketball and increasing your vertical jump by up to 15 inches within 8 weeks, then the Vert Shock 3 step system is definitely worth a try. Created by ex-NCAA and pro basketball player Adam Folker, the Vert Shock features plenty of testimonials and videos of alleged users, all of whom could be contacted to verify their claims. Short of time? Click here to read the full details!
Vert Shock - Is This For Real?
According to its creator, Adam Folker, there is a specific science behind the secrets of Vert Shock. The origins of this 3 pronged program take us back to the late 1960’s when a Russian doctor named Dr Verkhoshansky applied a training regime targeted at muscle tissue, also referred to as ‘elastic fibers’ found in the thigh region. This helped the Soviet Olympic team to win the Gold medal in the High Jump for 4 consecutive Olympic Games.

The main ‘sponsor’ for the Vert Shock happens to be none other than Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, a legend in the dunking scene and winner of the Nike World Dunk Contest. Justin claims to have added 50 inches to his vertical jump by following the Vert Shock program but its creator is quick to point out that this result is unique and extremely improbable to replicate, which is why the average improvement has been set at between 9 and 15 inches during the 8 week program.
General Features
The program is split into 3 parts. The Pre-Shock Phase, which involves training 4 times for the first week at 30 minutes per session. The Shock Phase lasts from Week 2 to Week 6 and involves 3 training sessions per week at 40 minutes per session. Finally The Post-Shock Phase covers the last 2 weeks of the program and includes 4 workouts per week  at 30 minutes per session.

Apart from the program itself you can expect to receive many added bonuses which are all aimed at mentally preparing you for maintaining and improving on what you have achieved so far.

To find out the advantages and disadvantages of the Vert Shock, we have put together some Pros and Cons so that you can decide which way to go.
The Pros and Cons of Vert Shock
  • Guaranteed to add between 9 - 15 inches to your vertical jump in less than 8 weeks - with that increase you should aim to dunk, likely for the first time ever.

  • You do not have to be 6 feet or over to start or improve your dunking abilities - let’s face it, the shorter you are the more difficult it will be for you to succeed but anything over 5 feet 5 inches should be good enough for you to dream!

  • No demanding squats or deadlifts but simple exercises which are easy to follow and practice - chances of injury due to intense workouts are very limited.

  • Product is digital so is available immediately following purchase - you also have access to many bonus features!

  • Divided in 3 phases so you can gauge improvement along the way - this is essential for gradual and visible results.

  • Money back guarantee if you cannot dunk after 8 weeks - your money is safe.
  • Motivation is key to success so you need to commit to some hard work to see the end results - nothing comes easy in life.

  • The amount of testimonials and videos may be interpreted as excessive to prove a point - encouragement comes from within.
Playing basketball without dunking has always been a bone of contention for many aspiring athletes. No matter how hard they train or the effort they expend, the results are seldom hard to see. Now, the Vert Shock program has given everyone an equal opportunity to soar in the air and dunk that ball with relative ease. Easy to follow and short sessions are a great incentive for trying out the Vert Shock.

To join the elite club of dunkers, click here and check it out.
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