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Online Woodworking Plans For Free
Free woodworking plans are available online but the material found should be taken with a grain of salt depending on source, age of plans and material required. Some plans are so old they required material that may not be available anymore or a cheaper and more durable alternative is recommended. It is always a good idea to keep updated with the latest trends so that you are properly informed about what to look out for.

There is an abundance, however, of decent free plans which have been shared by amateur woodworkers to showcase their achievements and these are worth taking a look at. We recommend that you opt for freebies only when you are considering working on something quite common in your house, such as beds, cupboards, wardrobes, bookcases and workbenches. Once you have mastered the art you can progress to more complicated designs, as long as you have the required space and tools to work with. Safety should be a prime concern where woodworking takes place so do not sacrifice this for a shoddy workplace or shed.

Here are some ideas of free plans you should be able to find quite easily:
The most common (and best) type of wood used for bookshelves is cherry or white oak. Depending on your dimensions the assembly of bookshelves is quite standard and would normally require around 15 pieces which are held together by dados and screws. The shelves themselves are joined by pyramid posts and slats. Cherry wood is more commonly used as it is one of the lightest in circulation. To supplement your woodworking skills you will need slates, shelves, screws and screw hole plugs.
Break Down Chairs
The break down chair consists of a high back and comes without any pegs or wedges. With just 4 sheets of decent quality plywood you should be able to put together 2 chairs and the construction and assembly of these chairs is pretty straightforward.
Antique Table
You do not have to be a woodworking genius to build an antique table but you do have to be aware of what you need. In terms of tools you would need an orbital sander, handsaw, drill with bits and spray bottles. For material you would need clear pine, fastening strips, table top, apron, legs, hanger bolts, shellac, carpenter’s glue, screws and washers.
Circular Kitchen Table
The ideal circumference for this type of table is no less than 2 feet and solid black walnut wood is the best type to go for. Underneath the table a pedestal base made from laminated bridle joints is best whilst polyurethane and tung oil are used for protecting the end product. The main tools required to complete this table are jigsaw, hand router and jointer, amongst other minor accessories.
For this essential piece of furniture solid mahogany is recommended. Contemporary designs include rail hangers for optimal use and slats are required to support the mattress. The use of slats would replace the use of springs, which are prone to malfunction. Be sure to decide the size of your bed beforehand as this would impact the need for material. One positive aspect of the majority of beds is that disassembly is usually a piece of cake.
Jewelry Box
Designing and creating jewelry boxes is a great way of putting a smile on your wife’s face (or your own if you are a woman!) and can also come in handy when you are wondering what gift to buy for a wedding, birthday etc. It is very simple to put together and does not require many tools or much material.
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